Install the app for free now

We have published apps on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Select the appropriate badge below to be taken to the app for your phone.

The app is completely free to install and use. You can use AudioZone on any wifi network or on your mobile data to receive synchronised audio from a broad selection of TV channels. In venues that have partnered with us you will receive a more complete and relevant list of channels when you connect to their customer WiFi.

    1. Install app
  • 2. Grant the app precise location permissions**
  • 3. Attach your headset
  • 4. Select channel and press the speaker icon to start audio
  • 5. Switch between buffer settings to fine tune the synchronisation if needed.
** Recent privacy changes implemented by both Apple and Google mean that AudioZone needs to request "Precise Location" permission to work properly. We do not track or store a record of your location - we just need to be able to serve you the right channels. If you do not grant location permission the app will possibly still work for you but you will most likely get poor performance and the incorrect channels.